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24 Jan 2018 – Charles Schwend just released his newly revised book “Gulag #7” through Quill To Book Publishing.

1 Oct 2017 – Charles Schwend just released a new book “Homemade Cordials, Better Than Bought.

1 Jun 2016 – Charles Schwend just released a new book “The Palace of Virtual Reality”.

1 Jun 2016 – Charles Schwend just released a new book “The Keys, and Other Short Stories”.

16 Mar 2015 – John W. Smith has his new book, “Dark Dreams” published by Well Read Press, available for purchase in both soft and hard cover.

16 Mar 2015 – Sandra Kohlbrecher has her new book, “New Hayden” published by Black Rose Writing, available for purchase.

1 August 2014 – The Highland League of Writers has a new book released by Well Read Press, A Dark And Stormy Night: An Anthology . It is available through this website, John W. Smith at the link on the home page,  Amazon or EBay.

22 July 2014 – Ellen Carron has published her book “Deception Or Perception” through Black Rose Writing. It will be released in the near future.

20 January 2014 – Andrea Downing Doetzel, a member of The Highland League of Writers, has published her new book “Meet Me in the Meadow”, a collection of poems, short stories and memoirs.  It is available through your local book seller or AuthorHouse as a printed book, or ebook.

9 November 2013 – Attended and enjoyed the Writeaway Writer’s Workshop given by the Carlinville Writers Guild at the Historical Society Museum, Carlinville, IL.

9 Septemer 2013 – The group book signing “Meet Your Local Authors” event on 7 September was a success.

6 August 2013The book signing at Highland’s 11th Annual Street Art Festival on Aug. 3rd was a success. Met and enjoyed visiting with new people. Sold some books  and interested new members for The Highland League of Writers. Monday, August 5th, The Highland League of Writers met, read and critiqued. John W. Smith announced that his new book, “Nightmares Of A Madman” is now available. He can be contacted at his new website

9 July 2013 – I am heading up a 35+ authors  “Meet your local authors” book signing on September 7th, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Troy Tri-Township Library. If you are a local author, and wish to participate, please contact me. Participation and attendance is free.

4 July 2013. – I will be giving a presentation on Inhabitants of ancient China & Japan, historical fiction with a book signing of my book “Dragon Dreams” from 10:30 – 11:45 a.m. November 6th,  in Room 1127, 200 University Park, SIUE. My other books will also be available.

4 July 2013 – Kimberly Rae on Linkedin.

How I hit Amazon bestseller ranking by selling only 33 books.

What those important looking numbers mean, and How the Amazon Ranking/Bestseller Numbers Can Work for You

Write with Purpose

I recently got these questions from a fellow author: What constitutes bestseller status on Amazon, Kimberly? Will Amazon tell you you reach that milestone or do we have to watch for some magic number? Good questions. If you’re an author, you’ve…

1 day ago


Linda S • This is a guide to sales related to ranking:

APPROXIMATE Number of Sales Per Day based on Amazon Best Seller Ranking
#1,000 = 100+ Sales/Day
#2,000 = 70
#3,000 = 35
#4,000 = 25
#5,000 = 20
#6,000 = 17
#7,000 = 15
#8,000 = 12
#9,000 = 11
#10,000 = 10
#15,000 = 7
#20,000 = 5
#25,000 = 4
#30,000 = 3
#40,000 = 2
#50,000 = 1
#100.000 = 0.5 (one every other day)

* – 10 June 2013 – The Highland League of Writers will be signing their books at the Highland Arts Council’s Annual Street Art Festival, on the square in Highland, Illinois, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday August 3rd.

*  – 26 April, 2013 – I will be signing my books at the Masonic Temple in Highland on May 11th from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The event is being hosted by the Lewis & Clark Reading Council.

*  – 15 April, 2013 – The Blum House of the Collinsville Public Library is placing my books, on consignment, in their new Reading Room, where they will offer an atmosphere conducive to reading, coffee, and WiFi. They will open 1 May and the hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Mon – Fri. I took copies of Dragon Dreams; Words to Read; and Gulag #7.


* – March 8, 2013 – The group book signing scheduled for Mar 23 has been postponed to an unknown future date by the Highland Library. Sorry.

* – 20 February 2013 (Corrected  25 Feb)

I am in the process of putting together a group of about 30 local authors for a book signing at the Highland Louis Latzer Memorial Library on March 23, 2013. If anyone reading this blog is interested, let me know through the ‘Contact Me’ heading. It will be on a Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. There is no cost to be a book vender.


* – 29 January 2013 

Author Sandra Kohler Kohlbrecher has written her first mystery book, titled “Graffiti Bridge.”  Previously Sandra has published eight short stories/memoirs along with other writers who belong to the Highland League of Writers in Highland, IL.  Their group book is titled Words, An Anthology of Short Writings.  Black Rose Writing who released”Graffit Bridge” on January 10, 2013 published both books.  You may purchase the books locally at Unique Designs and Décor, behind McDonalds in Highland, on Amazon, or through area bookstores.  Sandra is currently working on her second novel “New Haden.”  When not pursuing her writing, Sandra is fulfilling her many other artistic talents.  Contact her at [email protected]



* 19 January 2013 – I just finished reviewing “Soul On Fire” John E. Forster. ‘A creditable story line with authentic readability. It is action at it’s best, leaving you exhausted from consuming his words. The book keeps your excitement and attention riveted to the pages.’ You can visit John on his website Charles Schwend

 * – 18 January 2013 –


Expression Unlimited




315 West South




You are invited to meet & visit with our

Regional Artists, Crafts-persons, Hobbyists, Writers, and Musicians

Their works will be on display and available for purchase

NO Admission Charge

Sponsored by Expression Unlimited

* 7 January 2013

 Route 66 enthusiasts will love this intriguing novel that takes place along the historic route.

   ‘Murder & Mummies on Route 66’ by WR.PARK

           Just released.  Purchase on Amazon & B&N or your local bookstore

                                    using ISBN number:  978-1-61296-157-6

Professional book reviewer Patty Foltz wrote: “WR.PARK has done it again, another extraordinary read.  Right when you think you know who the murderer is, you’re wrong.  He keeps you guessing throughout the entire story.”  

Dear readers, my 12th suspense-thriller-mystery novel, ‘Murder & Mummies on Route 66’ is of course fiction—with the exception of portions of reminiscing between the two major protagonists.  I have always cherished those boyhood shenanigans—and now have a vehicle to share them with you as they visit historical sites along the route that you’ll recall visiting or reading about.  Below is a brief synopsis of this work.  Enjoy the read as I’ve enjoyed the ride.

After a lifetime apart, two old friends unite for what they thought would be a leisurely, nostalgia-filled drive in a vintage red Mustang convertible to the west coast on historic Route 66.

Friendly banter and school-time reminiscing came to an abrupt halt when the first of a number of mummified bodies of women were discovered along the route.  Bestselling author Conrad Drummond—and Deuce Connery, the man local authorities failed to identify—became suspect’s number one and two.

Drummond’s knowledge of mummified remains—and Connery’s investigative intuition—convinces Oklahoma State Police Captain Johnson to enlist their assistance in capturing the person behind the murders.  At the request of the New Mexico governor, Johnson agrees to head up the team to track down the mastermind behind the serial killings—placing Drummond’s and Connery’s lives in grave danger.

      Visit my two websites: &

Member of International Thriller Writers, Inc.

Read about WR.PARK novels at:

* – 4 January 2013 – Honey A. Hutson, Promotion Manager – Black Rose Writing.

Kevin F Kelleher

Blogger: This is another Black Rose Writer with a blog who is seeking to do features of other writers. While fairly new at this everyone has to start somewhere and his blog in general has gathered a following easily, which is a good indicator of things to come! He’s the author of Gilderam, He is not only an author, but also a composer and playwright with a lot going on and always looking to network with others.

Charles Schwend

Blogger: Charles is the author of Dragon Dreams, Words to Read, Gulag #7, the authorized biography of Karl Lawrenz – The Story of a WWII prisoner of war in Siberia. His track record speaks for itself. He’s starting a new venture this year by featuring authors on his blog occasionally, so check out his page and talk to him about doing a feature!

RJ Mirabal

Blogger: RJ Mirabal is one of our Black Rose Writers! Author of The Tower of Il Serrohe. His New Years resolution is to begin featuring other writers and their books on his blog along with his other materials. Let’s help him keep that resolution! As a writer it is important to expand your own platform as much as possible and a large part of learning how to do that effectively is by networking. This helps both the blogger and the writer being featured because you’re drawing in two audiences at one time and featuring each other in the process.

* – 30 December 2012 Henry Martin said: “Just wanted to let you know that I read through ‘Words To Read’ and I gotta tell you, I had a great time! The Traveller’s Tale and the Wilding (very Jack London-ish) are my favs.

* – 9 December 2012 Book signings on 6 & 8 December, at the Huddle House in Greenville and Highland Diner were very satisfying. Thank you for all the patrons that showed up at all the book signings. 

* – 1 December 2012 Sold a lot of book and made new friends, Edmond P. DeRoussee – “The Adventures Of A Common Man”; H.C.Beckerr/Henry C. Martin – “Hill Of Great Darkness”; and Cole Gibsen – “Katana”, at the Art & Author Holiday Market, Blum House of the Collinsville Memorial Public Library.

* – 10 November 2012 Karl Lawrenz and I had a successful book signing of Gulag #7 at the Parkview Cafe in Marine, IL.

* – 8 November 2012 News articles appeared in the 7 November issue of The Pioneer and the 8 November issue of The Highland News Leader on the book release and signings of “Gulag #7.” The papers did a nice job printing the information.

* – 7 November 2012 Gulag #7, The Authorized Biography of Karl Lawrenz, Dragon Dreams and Words To Read are now available NEW on Ebay.

* – 3 November 2012  Gary Adolph. “Bravo Charles! I just finished reading your book about Karl Lawrenz (Gulag #7, The Authorized Biography of Karl Lawrenz) and could not put it down until I had read it cover to cover. It read just as if Karl were telling me the story with his thick German accent. Thank you so much for preserving his life’s story and making it available.”  Gary Adolph. (Gary was the first buyer of Gulag #7.)


* – 23 October 2012 Reagan Rothe, Publisher – Black Rose Writing wrote about my book, Gulag #7, “Awesome! I am proud to be a part of this.”


* – 20 October 2012 – John Smith and I went to the Tri-Township Library Book Sale in Troy, Illinois this a.m. to buy slightly used books. They have an inventory of well over 5,000 books for sale for $.10 for older books at $.25 for newer ones. Doesn’t make any difference if the book is soft or hard cover. Fiction/nonfiction does not make any difference. Other things for sale are DVDs, CDs, Sheet Music, VHS tapes, etc. Between the two of us, we bought 4 shopping bags full of future reading. The book sales are the first Friday and Third Saturday each month. The remaining sales dates this year are: Nov 2; Nov 17; Dec 7; and Dec 15. For the year 2013: Jan 4, 19; Feb 1, 16; Mar 1, 16; Apr 5, 20; May 3, 18; Jun 7, 15; Jul 5, 20; Aug 2, 17; Sep 6, 21; Oct 4, 19; Nov 1, 16; and Dec 6, 21.


I was a participating writer at the Edwardsville Public Library’s Local Authors’ Book Festival 2 to 4 p.m. Oct 14 with other writers. It was an enjoyable endeavor. Everyone autographed and sold copies of their books and enjoy each other’s company. Any writer from the local area should keep this in mind for next year. Great exposure and idea bartering.


You might want to check out the following website They will put your book on their website free and you can also download  the books free.

Was talking to my friend Bill Weder who told me that his motorcycle is on temporary loan to the National MotorCycle Museum for a “Here Comes Bronson” display. To see the display go to or to see information on the TV series “Here Comes Bronson” go to Two very interesting web sites.

 I have returned to writing my novel “The Palace of Virtual Reality” and expect the manuscript to be completed around December 2012. This is a FUN write and it will be a FUN read.

New topic. The sales of Dragon Dreams, Words and Words To Read continues to climb. I am working to get more book signings lined up and will post them when arranged.


 Read my short story “Gunfight At Breakfast” and “The Seven Gates of Hell” from “Words To Read” under the ‘Published Books’ heading.

Read the “Forward” from “Dragon Dreams” under the ‘Published Books’ heading. 

Read the “Prologue” and “Chapter 1” under ‘The Palace of Virtual Reality’.

Read “The Wilding” by Charles Schwend and “In The Evil World – There Are No Rules” by John Smith,  from ‘Words, An Anthology of Short Writings’, under the ‘Published Books’ heading.


If you have any questions about me, my website, blog, my books or would like to just leave a message,  feel free to ask or comment under “Contact”.



“It’s none of their business that you have to ‘learn to write’. Let them think you were born that way.” – Ernest Hemingway

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